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Is there any difference between USB memory sticks?

Along with the huge growth in popularity of USB flash drives has come an equally large choice of devices to buy and places to buy them from. The number of brands, sizes and shops is quite bewildering. So it is quite natural to start thinking of USB Sticks as “commodity items” – that they are all essentially the same. After-all, aren’t all the memory chips really made by just 3 firms anyway? So why not just get the most gigabytes for your money or buy one on looks alone? The fact of the matter is, all memory sticks are not created equal.

What differences are there?

The memory chips themselves There are a number of memory chip manufacturers producing a range of chips of differing quality. Making computer chips is not a simple business. It is not possible to produce...

Should I switch from Windows to Linux?

If you have heard about Linux you’ve probably heard that it is free, quicker than Windows, more secure than Windows, immune to viruses and very complicated. And details aside, those rumours are fairly accurate. One problem with Linux is the question: “What do you mean by Linux?” -  because you won’t be downloading “Linux”. You’ll be downloading one of the myriad of distributions: Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, Mint, Kubuntu, Redhat and so on. They are all “linux” but with various changes to the GUI, packages included and have  more fundamental differences too. This is very confusing for most people and understandably so. Assuming you’ve settled on a distribution (and by the way I’d recommend Ubuntu or Mint) you might be wondering about which application programs you will be able to run on it. And the good news here...