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Detecting Fake USB Sticks (Flash Drives, Thumb Drives, Memory Sticks)

Like many relatively cheap high-tech items, the number of counterfeited, faked and hacked USB Sticks is enormously high. If you buy a flash drive from eBay and any number of budget internet shops (including some Amazon zShops), and it seems like a very good deal, then the chances are you might well have bought a fake.    

What do you mean by “fake”?

The two main areas of concern are: 1. Counterfeit sticks – where you pay for a well known brand but actually get a cheap knock-off. The reason the brand (eg. Sony, Kingston, Sandisk etc) charge that bit more is that their brand represents quality. If you don’t get that quality you are being ripped off. 2. Fake / hacked sticks – you buy a 16GB flash drive but it isn’t really 16GB. You cannot tell by looking...

Registry Cleaners – Should I pay for one?

Short answer: no Longer answer: probably not. Registry Cleaners are very popular and very heavily marketed applications claiming to clean up and speed up your Windows installation. But trying to find unbiased information on them is pretty hard. The spammers and web marketer’s pages dominate any search you care to run with the words “registry cleaner” in them. They have multiple fake “Software Report” type pages pretending to test various cleaners and tell you which ones are best. Needless to say they are either put up by the cleaner companies or just clever folk making a few cents on every click-though they get. But these things sell in their thousands so sure they must be providing a useful service? Well maybe but maybe not. They talk of “cleaning” your “bloated” registry and use other ill-defined terms but don’t provide any actual...