Home Computer Services

MobileTechie offers repair and support to residential home users in Berkshire:

We understand that the needs of home users are different to those in business, but you shouldn’t expect any less expertise or professionalism.

MobileTechie offers:
  • Out of hours service – book an evening appointment right up to 10pm at no extra cost
  • Free pick-up and drop-off – have your computer picked up, repaired and dropped back
MobileTechie helps Berkshire computer owners solve many home computer issues including:
  • Home PC and Laptop repair
  • Recovering priceless lost photos and other data
  • Virus removal / anti-spyware
  • Money-saving upgrades for home users
  • Protection from e-scammers, fraudsters and hackers
  • Connecting your work laptop to you home network
  • Lessons for Berkshire residents
  • Computer tuning to get the most out of older PCs
  • Protecting younger home users from Internet dangers
  • Back-up protection from fire, theft & system crashes
  • Wireless network setup and problem-solving
  • Help with cameras, scanners, printers
  • Buying advice – Berkshire specific or wider

For Home computer help in Berkshire: call MobileTechie